Client Comments

  • I can’t believe how much progress I have made in one hour! L
  • You have made so much difference to the students in my year group. Head of Year
  • I believe my life has changed for the better, I feel much happier and more contented thanks to you. J
  • Just a short note to say thanks for your excellent counselling over the last few months. It has been really helpful and set me off on the right tracks again. Your empathy, honesty, understanding and compassion have been your hallmarks. M
  • Thank you very much for listening to me so attentively… I have found our sessions very helpful and appreciate your support. C
  • With special thanks for everything you have done for my daughter. L
  • Initially, I found it difficult to open up to a stranger but after only one session, Diane had gained my trust and confidence. P
  • Excellent counselling particularly in areas of self-awareness and learning skills to use in everyday life. G
  • It has been helpful to speak to someone dispassionate, it helps me think more clearly. B
  • Thank you so much for all your help… it really has made a huge difference having you there to talk to, and get a balanced perspective on things, and although I still get in a tizzy about some things, I can normally work things out logically on my own. G
  • Someone to talk to when I had no-one else. P
  • Thank you for your time, patience and perseverance. J
  • Diane was very easy to talk to and made me think a lot about what I was doing. She helped me take control of the situation. J